Over the years, we have noticed the growing interest of foreign birders to photograph our beautiful endemic birds. In response to this, we created specialized bird tours in select places where the most variety of our endemic birds can be observed and photographed. That would include the low-land forest birds as well as our Montana bird species mostly found in the high mountains of Mindanao. As of the latest count we have more than 250 endemic species birds in the Philippines. 
As avid bird photographers ourselves, we know that the preferences and priorities of bird photographers are not the same as Birdwatchers. Our Bird Photography Tours are designed primarily to take you to the right place that will enable you to create high-quality bird images. Good sites where birds are well within photographic range. Our Bird Guides are skilled at finding birds and using playback to bring the birds closer for that frame filling detailed images. 
This Tour Plan covers seven (7) of the best birding site in the country that will provide the best opportunities to get as many different endemic species as possible.
Below are some of the prime targets in this tour: 
The Philippine Eagle, Philippine Serpent Eagle, Philippine Hawk Eagle, Azure-breasted or Steere’s Pitta, Blue- breasted Pitta or Philippine Pitta, Hooded Pitta, Mindanao-wattled Broadbill, Celestial Monarch, Short-crested Monarch, Philippine Falconette, Apo Mynah, Silvery Kingfisher, Blue-capped Kingfisher, Brown-breasted Kingfisher, Indigo-banded Kingfisher, Spotted Wood Kingfisher, Scale-feathered Malkoha, Red-crested Malkoha, Yellow-breasted Fruit Dove, Black and Cinnamon Fantail, White-cheeked Bullfinch, Metallic Pigeon, Apo Sunbird, Handsome Sunbird, Grey-hooded Sunbird, Mindanao Hornbill, Rufous Hornbill, Mindanao Wrinkled Hornbill, Philippine Trogon, Naked-faced Spiderhunter, Philippine Coucal, RufousCoucal, Sooty Woodpecker, Coleto, Balicassiao, Philippine Hanging Parrot, Guaiabero, Ashy Ground Thrush, Blue-headed Fantail, Rufous Paradise Flycatcher, Mindanao Scops Owl, Philippine Scops Owl, Mindanao Hawk Owl, Mindanao eagle-owl, Philippine Nightjar, Philippine Frogmouth.
Mr. Rey Sta Ana  ( Philippine Wild Bird Photography Tours )

Highly experienced Wild life Photographer of Philippines Mr Ray Sta is an avid birder and a post processing expert. Being the brand ambassador for Tamron Philippines , he spends lot of his time in the field educating and guiding photography enthusiasts the art of Wild Life Photography . His sense of humour and in dept knowledge in Philippine birds will surely make this trip a highly successful and memorable one.